GTO Photo Shoot

Last night I got a call from a friend of mine who has a 1970 Pontiac GTO, he has rebuilt this car from the ground up and we have been talking about a photo shoot for the car from last summer but we were never able to schedule it until last evening. My friend knew of an old school that was originally built in 1913 in Oka just 30 mins from Montreal that had a nice stone exterior that would make a nice backdrop for the orange yellow GTO. We got there about 1 hour before sunset and set up the 2 light stands and I had him hand hold the 3rd. I decided to try to shoot the car with a 3 light set up with 2 flashes pointed at the each tire and one hand held pointed at the opposite corner but after my initial review I decided that I can better light the car manually as I walked around it and aiming my flash at the spot that I wanted lit. Light painting the car in this way ensured that I had every angle covered. In post production, I loaded my base exposure and the 20 or more individual lighting exposures that I needed to light paint this car and then just used the parts of the images that I need to create the final image. The software that I used for this this was Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, lightroom was used to import the photos and Sync that white balance and other settings than all the photos were imported into Photoshop and then back to lightroom for the final adjustments.



1970 GTO Judge

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