Motorsport Photography

Motorsport photography is one of my favorite sports to photograph, weather its Cars or Motocycles its just a thrill to be out there trying to capture an image that will convey the speed and power of these machines. Im writing this on race day of the Montreal F1 Grand Prix, I was at the track on the previous Friday during the teams practice sessions. Shooting the grand prix has become more difficult in recent years as the fences have become higher and the standing room spots have become more restricted. I had seats but if I was to shoot from there I would be shooting from the top down and the track was quite a ways away. I walked to the hairpin turn and next to it was a small hill that looked over the hairpin, below me was the high fence and if that wasn’t bad enough there were trees behind the fence. I got a spot the gave we a small window that was framed by two trees and the fence below (not much room to pan). I was shooting with the Nikon D810, my 70-200 and a 1.4X converter which gave me 280mm @ F4. I had to shoot with the monopod fully extended just to keep the fence line as low as possible.

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